Recipe: “Round the World for You” Turkey Meatballs!

Patti Howard's meatball dog treats

Turkey Meatballs Your Dog Will Love Ingredients: 1 lb ground turkey ½ cup applesauce ¾ cup cheddar 1 egg 2 Tbsp fresh (1 Tbsp dried) parsley ¾ cup powdered mashed potatoes Preparation Instructions: Mix all ingredients together, and then form into 1” balls as consistently same size as possible. (Use melon baller if available!) Bake…

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Dog Food and Attitude

Support great behavior in your dog with quality food

Dog food and attitude – what our dogs eat and how it may be affecting their ability to change behavior. I was excited to have an appointment with Craig and his dog Jake last week. Craig’s original complaints for me to address were counter surfing, excessive whining, barking at what appeared to be ‘nothing’ and…

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