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Healthful Nutrition for Dogs

Just as with our own health, dogs show malnutrition through skin conditions, diabetes, arthritis, and other chronic ailments.  They also express it through such behavioral issues as growling, biting, chewing on themselves, nervous barking, aggression (linked to certain thyroid issues, for example) and more. Behaviors such as these can alert me to what nutrients you may wish to add to your dog's current diet.

There is no magic, no miracles…simply nutrition. It's providing the nutrients for a body’s organ systems that will create the internal conditions to help them navigate stress of the human environment.

Consider how good it feels when you are eating as close to most healthy as you can. It digests well, for example, doesn’t put more pressure on any organ system than necessary, nourishes your adrenals so you react well to stress, and keeps your blood sugar level rather than spiking. Imagine how difficult it is for your dog to concentrate on even the smallest details, if she isn’t feeling well or her system is struggling in any way.

My nutritional consult begins with filling out a functional systems form, which can highlight struggles your dog's system is experiencing.

A visit to your veterinarian is important in the process to provide the most comprehensive, informative recommendations for any change.

I offer a menu of nutritional assistance for you to choose from:

Full Meal Deal

In-home consultation with prepared meal, complete written follow up, plus 2-week phone support check-in

à la Carte

Nutrition information provided as portion of a training/behavior session

Call-in Order

Phone and video consultation appointments


Offsite gatherings, such as workshops and seminars



Recipes & Nutrition Tips

Patti Howard's sardine dog treat recipe

Recipe: Something’s Fishy – Crunchy Sardine Dog Treats

Jul 31, 2018

The Better Than Kibble Dog Food! Ingredients: 3.75 oz. tin Sardines in water (include the water in recipe) 6 oz fresh or 4 oz. frozen (thawed and drained) spinach ¾ low sodium chicken broth 1/3 cup…


Food so good, you'll want a bite!

A healthy, balanced diet, even on holidays, is best for your dog

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Client Testimonial

  • Patti knows what makes a dog tick, including the science behind nutrition and biology

    We did an in-home consultation where Patti came over to see our dogs in their environment and interview us about our relationship with them and the concerns that we have. Patti, our trainer, was extremely knowledgeable about what makes a dog tick, including the science behind nutrition and biology. Her love for dogs was evident and really resonated with us as owners who want our dogs to live happy lives. She gave us some incredibly useful information and was able to clarify a lot of what was going on behind our dogs' behavioral issues. Just having talked with her, we felt like we understood our dogs a lot better than before and have thus been able to make some changes that have proven to be beneficial in surprising ways.

    — Tim R, Seattle WA

Need More Than a Canine Nutrition Consultation?

Learn about behavior modification customized to your dog and your household.