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About Patti Howard, BS CCS FDM

I own Your Canine Resource, Inc. in Olympia Washington, a thriving company which specializes in canine behavioral training and nutritional consulting. I bring 27 years of hands-on experience and extensive study to Your Canine Resource. My training techniques are grounded in rigorous research in behavior modification as well as the conviction that kindness and consistency are great teacher companions.

A consistent contributor to the dog training industry, I am co-founder of Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science (SPARCS). Although no longer actively engaged, I continue to support the organization's mission and annual conference. I'm also co-founder of Washington Assistance Dog Education Center (WADEC). WADEC is a non-profit organization that trains service dogs to support people with disabilities. My experience training service dogs gives me unique clarity and precision when helping people train and socialize their companion dogs. Finally, I'm primary nutritional advisor in recipe formulation to Green Juju Whole Food Supplement, which you'll find in the freezer section of pet supply stores throughout the country.

A professional chef for 17 years, I'm at home in the kitchen and an advocate of high-quality yet economical nutrition. I invite you to try out the unique dog treat recipes on my site...or contact me about people-food recipes as well! Before moving to beautiful Olympia, Washington, I owned Seattle-based Contented Canine and The Pawsitive Packleader, Inc. Both businesses are in good hands with new owners.

I'm a graduate, and in good standing, of Northwest School of Canine Studies (CCS), an intensive and thorough study of canine behavior. In addition, I hold a Bachelor of Science. Finally, I'm certified in Advanced Canine Nutrition and am a Family Dog Mediator (FDM).

I currently live in Lacey, Washington, where I reside with Yogi, the Blue Tic Beagle mix, whose personality and face grace this site.

I dedicate my education and passion to the canine loves of my life, whether they were under my guardianship or influenced through the relationship we build while training.




We have been conditioned to believe that training the dog fixes all problems. Although that notion once rang true, times have changed for dogs, and the change is affecting dog/human relationships. Dogs are much more integral to our daily lives than just two or three decades ago. Consequently, we may unconsciously expect them to act and react as humans do in our own environment.

Contemporary studies suggest that our dogs are acting more and more like caged animals in the environments they share with us. Our homes, for instance, are adapted to our physical needs and capabilities, and may not provide enrichment for our canine companions. Clearly, it’s up to us to help our pups adapt to any environment where we expect them to thrive.

Put another way, imagine that you’re bored. You’re apt to find ways to fill your time, whether by watching a movie, playing a game, or reaching out to friends. These behaviors function to alleviate boredom! You enjoy autonomy in your environment and are empowered to alleviate boredom in a constructive way. Unlike you, dogs lack autonomy. However, they do have a voice and will raise it as high as needed for us to get our attention!

For a Family Dog Mediator, every behavior serves a function. The behavior, whether digging, barking, chewing, jumping, or lunging, might serve the function of getting your attention. In a consultation, I’ll break down the function behind the behavior so that you understand WHY your dog is doing what they’re doing. In this way, you’ll see the behavior in a larger context. This deeper understanding of your canine companion leads to better solutions than training alone.

Training is still important when teaching dogs desired manners for human environments – think neighborhood walks and front-door greetings. My work as a Family Dog Mediator goes beyond training. I illuminate the function and genetics of their behavior. Consultations with me provide behavior management, enrichment exercises and training hacks.

This deeper understanding of your dog gives you the tools you need for resolving behaviors that might surface in the future. Your dog will thrive when offered ways to express themselves as the dogs they were bred to be.

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Client Testimonial

  • I'm really looking forward to our session next Monday. Since we met last week, and I watched you interact with her, I've renewed my compassion for her as an animal and have been seeing her less as a pest and more as a sweet creature trying to communicate her needs with me. It's still trying sometimes, but I'm grateful you awakened that in me (her too, surely!).

      — Brianne E , WA

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