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Many ask, “When is the best time to begin training my puppy?” Your pup begins learning the moment their paws touch the ground, so they are never too young to being learning human language and structure. It is much easier to train in behaviors you wish to have from your pup, than RE-train once bad behaviors have set in.

My goal is to set your pup up both now and in the future to be a well-adjusted “canine citizen” in and around your home!


Growling, barking, lunging, showing of teeth, snapping and biting – aggressive behavior in dogs can be classified in different ways, depending on what purpose the aggression serves.

My extensive knowledge of the neurology of aggression and research-based behavioral modification procedures go into every custom training plan which is created after the initial assessment.


Just as in our own health, dogs may show malnutrition through skin conditions, diabetes, arthritis, and other chronic ailments. They may also express it through such behavioral issues as growling, biting, chewing, nervous barking, excessive behaviors and more.

Behaviors of this kind can alert me – holding certification in canine nutrition – to what holistic nutrients may be missing from their diet. You’ll receive recipes and food resources to help you help your pup.


As a Family Dog Mediator, my work with you and your dog goes beyond rote training. In fact, this certification, offered by the amazing Kim Brophey, has taken my outcomes to a whole new level. In my 30 years of training, I’ve never seen an approach more successful at helping our dogs adapt to the new world they face daily.

We have been conditioned to believe that dog training fixes all problems. Although that notion once rang true, times have changed for dogs, and the change is affecting dog/human relationships. Dogs are much more integral to our daily lives than just two or three decades ago. Consequently, we may unconsciously expect them to act and react as humans do in our own environment.

Every behavior serves a function. The behavior, whether digging, barking, chewing, jumping, or lunging, might serve the function of getting your attention. In a consultation, I’ll break down the function behind the behavior so that you understand WHY your dog is doing what they’re doing. In this way, you’ll see the behavior in a larger context. This deeper understanding of your canine companion leads to better solutions than training alone.

And that, my friends, is the definition of Family Dog Mediation!

Your dog will thrive when offered ways to express themselves as the dogs they were bred to be. To that end, consultations with me focus on behavior management, enrichment exercises and training hacks.

I’m excited to meet you and your dog, and help you be an even more awesome team than you already are!

COVID 19 Update Serving Olympia, Tumwater & Lacey

Your Canine Resource is open to assist you. Even with the mask mandate lifted, I'm happy to meet indoors with mask or outdoors without – weather permitting, of course!

Training & Health Tips

Training teaches your puppy how to coexist in human environments

How Long Should I Wait to Train My Puppy?

Either your pup is training you, or you are training your pup… They’re learning the minute their paws hit the turf! I am often reminded the importance of training a puppy. When I see adolescent behavior…


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WHY CHOOSE Your Canine Resource?

  • Ongoing Client Support

    I offer Lifetime Support to issues covered in behavior modification sessions with your dog and puppy training. 

  • Family Dog Mediation

    Our dogs often behave in ways that don’t work in the human world. As a Family Dog Mediator, I translate the function of each undesired behavior. Understanding the WHY, informs how I teach desired behaviors and design enrichment activities for your pup.

  • Research-based Training

    I employ only pain-free, humane behavior modification and puppy training techniques. Everything I do is rooted in behavioral research – I never use fear or coercion as a vehicle to learning.

  • Best in the Industry

    Voted THUMBTACK BEST OF 2015 and 2016 in the canine behaviorist and dog trainer categories.

  • Expertise

    Watch for my long anticipated book, Your Dog Can’t Do Anything Wrong! available soon.

Patti's training style is gentle, positive re-enforcement

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Client Testimonial

  • Before Patti, we felt hopeless about our dachshund’s behavior.

    Last year, we adopted a miniature dachshund from an environment where she had received no guidance or training as a puppy. When we brought Melon home, we quickly realized that she could barely tolerate being around strangers. She was extremely scared of people, slow to trust new humans, and she would bark non-stop at anyone who came into her environment.

    We also knew that in 7 months, we’d be moving from the mainland of the U.S. out to Hawai’i, and our little dog needed to be able to be taken through the airport without making a scene, and would need to be completely quiet in her soft crate for 6+ hours so that we could transport her in the cabin of the airplane.

    At first, we were pretty hopeless about the situation with this dog, but we stuck to months of training with Patti’s help. Patti assisted us in crate training Melon, putting a stop to her demand barking, and helping this little pup manage her social anxiety so that she was finally able to go to the bathroom with people and distractions around her. When the day came for our move to Maui, Melon didn’t make a peep in her crate, and she even went to the bathroom in the designated dog potty spot in the airport!

    We are so glad that we didn’t give up on this wonderful and lovable dachshund. She is now happier than she’s ever been, joins us on our outdoor adventures, rides in boats, and is no longer startled by surprise noises like she used to be. If you have a dog whose training feels like an impossible project, I hope you will first seek out Patti’s support. It works, and Patti one of the reasons we now get to enjoy life with this sweet mini dachshund named Melon.

    – Ava Waits

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