Tips from Your Canine Resource

Tips from Your Canine Resource

Got questions about how to train your puppy, modify problem behaviors in your dog, enhance your dog's health and well being through nutrition? If so, Tips from Your Canine Resource is the blog for you.



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Keep checking back. I publish new free training videos all the time. Or visit the Your Canine Resource YouTube Channel to see the whole collection.

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Client Testimonial

  • Patti is amazing!!

    Our Maltese dog was reactive toward other dogs on a leash, uncontrollable when someone rang the doorbell or knocked on the door, and he just didn't like one our friends. Now people comment that we have a "well behaved dog." She accomplished this in four visits to our home. She has given us the vocabulary and skills to communicate with our dog. He is much calmer overall...and so are we!!!!!  We continue to work with him ourselves to achieve the goals we set during our first meeting with Patti. We just couldn't be happier with the results.

    – Jan L, Olympia, WA


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