Recipe: “Round the World for You” Turkey Meatballs!

Patti Howard's meatball dog treats

Turkey Meatballs Your Dog Will Love Ingredients: 1 lb ground turkey ½ cup applesauce ¾ cup cheddar 1 egg 2 Tbsp fresh (1 Tbsp dried) parsley ¾ cup powdered mashed potatoes Preparation Instructions: Mix all ingredients together, and then form into 1” balls as consistently same size as possible. (Use melon baller if available!) Bake…

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Recipe: Chicken “I’ll Do Anything for You” Jerky

Patti Howard's chicken jerky dog treat recipe

Irresistible Chicken Jerky for Dogs Ingredients: 4 partially frozen chicken breasts (will fit comfortably on large baking sheet) Preparation Instructions: Cut partially frozen chicken breast (width-wise for shorter jerky) into thin slices. (Cutting partially frozen will help you get them thinner, and most consistent). Place on paper towels to help soak up additional moisture, and…

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People Food

Dogs and people need quality nutrition

People food? Dog food? Shouldn’t all food feed body and mind? I am fascinated with language, both its power as a trainer of dogs with their humans, and how we tend to repeat words/phrases/jingles. One of the most common refrains I hear is “My dog doesn’t eat people food,” which begs the question: Are we…

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