Puppy Play Groups Give your pup the best start in life!

Puppy Socialization Play Groups

What does this play group do for you?

  • Discover canine communication
  • Realize who your puppy is
  • Get coaching from two canine professionals with over 40 years’ combined experience!

What does this group do for your puppy?

  • Physical & social exercise
  • Mental & emotional exercise
  • Develops self-control
  • Builds confidence
  • Improves coordination

What Makes These Play Groups unique?

Two of Olympia's finest canine behavior specialists, Patti Howard and Ann Howie, are collaborating to bring you the best possible puppy socialization play groups. 


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We don't have any puppy socialization groups scheduled at this time. Check Behavior Modification for private puppy training and socialization options during the pandemic.

Please fill out this intake form to tell us about yourself and your puppy. At the end, you'll find a waiver. We ask you to sign it electronically before class starts. Many thanks!

Need a Follow up to Puppy Training?

Learn about one-on-one behavior modification customized to your dog's needs.