Testimonials Thumbtack Best of 2016

Dog Training and Nutrition

Patti did in-home training classes for our puppy. Hiring her to do puppy training was such a great decision. First of all she is extremely knowledgeable about dog behavior, development, and health and has years of experience putting it into practice. Her suggestions for curbing unwanted behavior and promoting good puppy behavior are wonderful and effective! She gets to know you and your dog and finds solutions that work in your situation. She's warm and caring and a pleasure to work with. She's always very professional – arrives on time, responds to texts and email promptly. Even though our formal training is complete, she still answers questions and provides feedback about puppy rearing when asked. She is all around wonderful. And most importantly, we are thrilled with the results. We have an extremely well behaved dog – literally we can put a dinner plate of food on the ground and our dog will leave it alone if we tell her to. It's amazing! Hiring Patti was a wonderful decision for us and our dog, and I would encourage anyone looking for obedience training to hire Patti. She's the best!
  —Lisa W, Seattle WA

We did an in-home consultation where Patti came over to see our dogs in their environment and interview us about our relationship with them and the concerns that we have. Patti, our trainer, was extremely knowledgeable about what makes a dog tick, including the science behind nutrition and biology. Her love for dogs was evident and really resonated with us as owners who want our dogs to live happy lives. She gave us some incredibly useful information and was able to clarify a lot of what was going on behind our dogs' behavioral issues. Just having talked with her, we felt like we understood our dogs a lot better than before and have thus been able to make some changes that have proven to be beneficial in surprising ways.
  —Tim R, Seattle WA

I'm really looking forward to our session next Monday. Since we met last week, and I watched you interact with her, I've renewed my compassion for her as an animal and have been seeing her less as a pest and more as a sweet creature trying to communicate her needs with me. It's still trying sometimes, but I'm grateful you awakened that in me (her too, surely!).
  —Brianne E , WA

I originally met Patti when she was training my neighbor's dog. I hired her to train my dog. She is very professional, organized and assured. She has a friendly personality that puts people and animals at ease. Her talents in dog training are superior and I'm so glad that we have been able to continue training with her. When I could not find a sitter for a vacation trip, she said that she would be able to do that as well. She is competent and trustworthy to be in my home. I have felt comfortable leaving my home and my dog in her care. I would recommend her for being responsible, honest, caring and competent. I think she would be a great worker in many different work environments.
  —Linda M, Seattle WA

Working with Patti is very rewarding. Our dog is a rescue, and has issues with anxiety, especially around strangers and other dogs. The front door is a huge trigger, and when new people come over (or even people he knows), he gets very fear-aggressive.

Patti was completely upfront about fees, and at the first consultation/evaluation, simply recommended that we change Rusty's food and then re-evaluate his behavior. She could have sold us a whole training package, but instead she gave us her nutritional expertise and went her merry way. I was so comfortable with her methods, her demeanor, her intuition, though, that I vowed we would reconnect when I had time to really work with her.

We started training sessions last December with the goal of having a relatively harmonious visit with the in-laws (5 people staying at our house!) in February. Due to scheduling conflicts on both sides, we had fewer training sessions than I had hoped, and I was really worried that we hadn't made enough progress to achieve what I wanted in February. But Rusty was AMAZING with my husband's family – there was not a single bark in the first 20 minutes, and even when the chaos got to him, he was easier to calm down. He spent the week getting love and attention, and I only had to use the "time out" training method a few times.

I'm so excited to continue working with Patti, and I have a LONG list of all the friends that I can now invite over to visit! With Patti's expertise, my commitment and Rusty's smarts, I'm hopeful that one day he might even have dog friends. This is a far cry from the days when I thought I would never be able to have a normal life while Rusty was around.
  —Morgan B, Freeland WA