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Does Patti teach me, or does she train my dog? Or both?

As her bi-line suggests, "Properly Trained, Man Can Be Dog's Best Friend." Patti will teach you and your dog to reach your goals together, and your dog will thank you profusely. You will receive not only a list of cues by which to work with your dog but, also, a solid understanding of why your dog does what s/he does. This resource is invaluable because dog behavior is not static and can change on a dime if a new association takes hold.

Where does training happen?

Training happens in and around your home, working outward to the environment where the issues occur. Because dogs learn behavior contextually, you achieve better results with your dog when we train at your home. Not only does this give better training results but, also, you never have to worry about whether traffic and parking are going to make you late to a group training class that starts with or without you!

Why should I train my dog?

Training your dog allows you to form a healthy bond with your dog and allows you more freedom to leave your dog at home or take him/her with you in public. It is this communication with your dog that enhances the relationship of trust that develops between you both. It is a beautiful thing to see and so very doable. It's our responsibility to keep our dog and those around us safe, and communication paired with training is essential. Your dog will otherwise make up his/her own rules.

At what age should I train my puppy?

Your puppy is learning from the time s/he gets home. It might as well be what you want your new pup to know! Patti will begin helping you communicate with your dog at 8 weeks of age. You will be amazed how quickly your pup will learn basic commands and respond to cues immediately. All training is customized to your specific goals.

Patti will also be by your side to discuss crate training, potty training, puppy needle teeth and first night jitters if you contact her before you have him/her home!

Can an older dog really be trained?

Dogs can be trained at any age with the right form of communication. Patti has worked successfully with hundreds of rescue dogs of all ages, sizes, shapes and issues.

My dog shows aggression to dogs and people while on leash. Can Patti help?

Absolutely! Patti brings 25+ years experience to working with all types aggression and has an astounding success rate. She is an effective communicator who will clearly outline steps you can navigate easily in rehabilitation process.

What days and hours does Your Canine Resource do training?

Patti offers training from as far north as Lacey to as far south as Tumwater, Tuesday - Sunday, at whatever time works best for your schedule! Patti proudly makes her services available when you are because she's passionate about training dogs and giving you an awesome customer experience.

How many sessions does Patti work with my dog?

All dogs are individual in their history as well as present circumstances, so Patti offers a thorough initial assessment to answer that exact question. As for the thousands of dog/human teams Patti has worked with, she is efficient and goes right to the heart of the issue. Get started by completing the Behavior Assessment Form.

Does Patti also provide group classes?

Patti no longer offers group classes. However, she does sponsor a dog/people Meetup each month where those who have worked with YCR can ask training- and behavior-related questions. This is also safe environment in which to work and play with your dogs.

What if my dog regresses?

It's not so much that dogs regress; rather, it's our grasp of training techniques that does. To maintain your momentum, be sure to work on behaviors and training consistently. Patti ensures you have written, email and video support to refer to long after your YCR training sessions are over. She also offers Lifetime Support – Patti will refresh your memory about how to accomplish your training goals. These services come at zero extra cost so her clients can have the confidence and inspiration needed for a lifetime of success.

Millions of dogs are euthanized due to owner relinquishment because of behavioral issues that simply needed a little professional help. That doesn't need to you and yours!

How do I pay for sessions?

Payment by cash, check or credit card is due at the end of each session. Call for pricing details and a free phone consult! Cell: (360) 929-1719

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